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The Biggest Mistake In Achieving Financial Success

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Many aim to accumulate wealth to live in prosperity and abundance, to take care of family and provide comfortable life. So much focus in it that it became unfortunate for us to lose sight of the truth and right way to have this.

We all know that financial success is a result of creating value to others. However, what many don't realized is that -- the ultimate value we can give to others is by using the 'gift' God has placed into each one of us.

The purpose of each one of us is to use God's gift to you to serve one another.

The question then becomes, what is your 'gift'?

To know your 'gift', you need to connect with God because He is our creator and He's the one who knows what exactly you have to do in this world. But sins have separated you from God, so you need to have and accept Jesus first in your life as He is the Only Way to the Father. Jesus has commissioned us to share this good news to others. We have to follow Him. We believe that this is the best you need to do above everything else.

Note that God has placed this 'gift' on you when you were born. This means that you already have this gift inside of you, and is not coming from outside.

To know your 'gift', you need to be in constant communication with God. You can do this thru prayer and ask God that you may be filled with the Holy Spirit and grant you with wisdom & discernment to know your 'gift'.

It's very important that you read the Bible (God-inspired book) as He communicates with you when you mediate on it. Not only learning about your 'gift' but also finding truths about life.

If you want to know some key takeaways from Bible verses that are related to understanding your 'gift', please click here.

May God bless you.

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