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ProFinance Partner is here to offer help for FREE as a financial consultant​ providing  accounting tools and analyzing your business numbers. We only have few requirements, click on the buttons below to find out more.

If your goal is to simply make money, then PFP is not for you. We are here for those with a purpose to help others, for those that are 'stewards'.

Income & Expense Tracker

  • Cash basis accounting

  • Simple method to account for business transactions

  • Profit & Loss

  • Easily manage Cash position

  • Only record transactions when there's cash involved

  • Good for small businesses that do not stock inventory 

Accounting Software

  • Accrual basis accounting

  • Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet

  • Cash Flow management is more complex than in a 'cash basis' accounting

  • Accounts for receivables,  payables,  and other Balance Sheet transactions where there's timing difference between when a transaction has occurred (example: delivery of goods) and the actual cash receipt/payment

  • Good for businesses that have inventories

Coming soon

Business Solutions +

  • Specific solutions according to your business needs

  • Involves development of financial models depending on the scope and requirement

Coming soon
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