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 Mobile Interface
Income & Expense Tracker

✔  Easily track your business online thru your phone or any device
✔  Enjoy for the entire year!

✔  Automatically manage your invoices & receipts for record tracking and tax reporting
✔  Use of Google platform for high data security
✔  Free assistance to migrate historical data

Get this tracker for FREE! You just need to:

  1.  Be a good steward. Click here to learn more.

  2.  Invest in your health by purchasing any two (2) of our recommended health products, regardless of amount).

Why we do this?

"What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?"

  • We also believe that Health is Wealth and it's part of our key success factor.

While we support you to track your business financials at the lowest cost possible, you and your family's health is something you can't afford to sacrifice.

And because health is important, we partner with a company that provides the highest quality nutrition. Please note that any commissions are used to maintain this website and be able to provide the accounting tools to small business owners like you can enjoy it for free.

Why only for a year?

You can potentially use the tracker for more than a year but this would have impact on reporting and financials analysis dashboard views we designed to help you improve your business. This is the reason we suggest for you to utilise the tracker for one Financial Year. It's also a good idea to keep in touch with ProFinance Partner (PFP) as we keep on improving the tracker.


Enjoy this amazing accounting tool so you will be to be able to:

  • Record new transactions and view your business financials on the 'go' thru mobile-friendly interface so you don't always have be in front of your computer

  • Upload supporting documents (invoices, receipts) when recording new transactions so you can organise documents and access it better (handy for record-keeping and tax reporting)

  • Have a 'one-pager dashboard' containing key metrics and this gets updated automatically in sync with your tracker, so you always have  a view of the latest status of your business (refresh cycles take into consideration)

  • Migrate your historical data to the tracker

+ Take advantage of more features to come as this tracker will keep on improving, including Tax reporting and Predictive Analysis in the future.


+ Tap into ProFinance Partner experience for more than 16 years as these features are the same as how large & multinational companies look into their business numbers.

Enjoy now the benefits of this super valuable tracker!

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